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Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Adam December 8, 2018 0
Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

One way to please keen gardeners at Christmas is to give them gifts that are perfect for their favourite hobby. There are many gifts with a garden theme available that are already beautifully packaged to make a memorable impression. Here’s a selection of inspirational ideas that are both practical and stylish.

Luxurious Treats for Hands
Gardening gloves are a popular gift for ladies who want to keep their hands free of scratches. Look for a pair of luxury gloves with adjustable cuffs for a perfect fit. Leather inserts on the palm and fingertips will make them hard wearing and more resistant to sharp rose bush thorns. Gloves can be teamed with a gift set of hand creams designed for gardeners. This type of gift is usually much appreciated and will often contain luxury potions made with organic garden ingredients such as soothing lavender and marigold.

Unusual but useful Tools
Most gardeners will already have a wide range of sturdy tools but you can still present them with something a little more unusual that will prove to be indispensable. A stainless steel lawn weeding tool that operates in the same way as a corkscrew is perfect for extracting a slim core of soil complete with a troublesome tap root of dock or dandelion. A traditional pruning knife is another useful gift. It shouldn’t be difficult to find one that has a polished wooden handle and stainless steel blade that will give years of good service. Gardeners are never without a pair of secateurs and would no doubt be delighted to receive a new pair.

Wildlife Garden Gifts
Choose beautifully made products with a wildlife theme for a homely touch. Prepare for spring with an unusual bird nest box that is shaped like a teapot. Robins will adore the cosy interior. Gardeners with a small wildlife pond will welcome a special frog shelter. You can find them made of timber or weatherproof porcelain with a decorative domed roof which will provide a safe refuge all year round. A bee house constructed of wood with lots of small holes bored into it will be an ideal place for solitary bees to hide in and will add a rustic charm to any gardener’s plot.

Grow a Gift
You can easily locate Bonsai miniature tree gifts that include everything such as compost, seeds and a decorative dish that the indoor gardener will need to grow a beautiful tree such as acer rubrum that has crimson foliage in the autumn. For gardeners with a keen interest in cooking their own home grown vegetables, opt for a special gift pack with unusual seeds such as deep yellow beetroots and spring onions with bright red skins. There are always sets of herbs such as parsley and thyme that can be grown in ornamental pots on the kitchen windowsill. And don’t forget a book of beautiful colourful photographs of gardens designed by innovators such as Garden Club London to provide inspiration during the winter.

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