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How To Make Your Home Highlight Your Garden

Adam June 10, 2019 0
How To Make Your Home Highlight Your Garden

For some people, the yard is just the dirt around the house. But to a gardener, the yard houses a home’s real treasure: the gardens. When you invest so much time and effort into making the garden great, why not make sure the house will allow you maximum enjoyment of the outdoor space?

Glass Walls

Gone are the days of the old sliding glass door. You may have seen grand new homes with a wall of windows that tucks away, allowing the home’s living room to become one with the outdoor living space. Once an exclusive feature of upscale new builds, these moving glass walls can now be installed in any home. Available in several configurations, the panels can stack up next to each other, tuck into a pocket or fold up like an accordion. For decorating versatility, frames come in several colors of sleek aluminum or with wood that can be stained to coordinate with furniture or flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Speaking of flooring, gardeners love hardwood for the way it brings the outdoors in. However, be careful in choosing which hardwood floor to use. You want to see genuine wood, but you don’t want a floor whose upkeep eats up precious weekend hours or one that requires specialty products to care for it. Choose an engineered hardwood like the monarch plank Windsor collection, with a smooth finish that cleans up easily. Be sure your floor is coated with a top layer of durable urethane. It acts like a raincoat for the floor, and with normal wear and tear it will be a decade or more before it needs refinishing.

Indoor Plants

You love outdoor gardening, but some plants just do better inside—and every inside is better with plants. Pot them in bold, colorful pots to make a decorating statement. Houseplants have the advantage of not needing regular weeding and differing sunlight requirements mean there is an ideal plant for every room in the house. Remember, nothing says you have to leave the garden on the other side of the door.

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