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What the gardeners should tell you about lawn maintenance

Adam April 26, 2016 0
What the gardeners should tell you about lawn maintenance

There are so much things to do when it comes to garden maintenance that there is always something to do better or in a better way. That`s why a great tip is to check out all the tips and advices of the gardening experts online and in your region. Ask your neighbors for a recommendation or check out the long magazines, where you can find easy tricks and tips for keeping your garden in the perfect shape. For instance, let`s begin with searching for tips, according to the type of your garden. Maintaining a small indoor garden is a completely different thing, compared to the big outdoor garden with an extensive lawn and trees. It is different when maintaining a small lawn as a part of a greenhouse or a decorative lawn on the terrace.

When you know what you`re searching for, the next step is to find the best place for getting your answers. The local companies may offer numerous professional gardening services and their advices are indispensable for achieving the best results. Contact the company coordinator to discuss the details or book a date for garden inspection. The professional gardeners will pick up the perfect tools and services needed for the exact specs of your garden. In all cases, make sure to know which one of the two main types of garden services you`re looking for. The first one includes activities from a maintenance character, while the second great type of services is related to the making of a new garden, for instance – by reshaping the landscape, making new slopes, walkways, themed-areas, etc.

Pick up the right season for the big and overwhelming maintenance. Another great tip is to make a schedule for maintenance on an annual basis and to include two major columns – one for small and easy activities that can take place every week or so, and another column only with the difficult things such as lawn mowing or weed control that take place once or twice a year. Choosing the perfect moment for each activity might be an issue. Every season has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, making it perfect only for a specific type of maintenance activities.

Leaf collection is the next important thing to put high on your schedule. It should take place before the first cold days and definitely before the first frost. Collect all the fallen leaves around the trees and near the patio, the deck, the garden furnishings, the fences. The lawn should be next, as it requires more time for a complete removal of all the fallen leaves and small or big branches.

Sprinkle some new grass seeds before every season to keep a proper lawn consistency. The new seeds will ensure the healthy and thriving layout of the garden, and here is the moment when you have to choose only good quality seeds. According to their growing speed, you can schedule the approximate moments for mowing, hedging and trimming, as well as when you will need to call the gardening experts for an inspection.

A regular watering of the lawn is another essential step. The gardeners will give you very important advices about the frequency of watering required for the specific type of your garden, as well as according to every season. Yet that`s only a hint of what`s to come. From the perfect spots to place the water sprinkles to the softness of the water and the making of a reservoir for rainwater – there are plenty of things to discuss with the experts.

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