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5 Different Types of Industrial Lubricants

Adam January 28, 2021 0
5 Different Types of Industrial Lubricants

Many applications in the industrial sector require lubricants. Industrial strength oils and greases can impede corrosion and rust, reduce friction, function as sealants, and offer wear protection. One can find lubricants being used in manufacturing facilities and food processing plants. Look into lubricant supplier VA to learn more about the variety of lubricants that are up for sale nowadays. Here is a list of five different types of industrial lubricants.

1. Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils are used on hydraulic equipment to fend off corrosion and oxidation. Some of these oils are comprised of seal conditioners and leak inhibitors.

2. Compressor Oils

One can use oils on compressors to stave off rust and provide wear and tear protection. Many people have saved a great deal of money on maintenance costs by taking advantage of compressor oils.

3. Motor Oils

Motor oils can enhance fuel efficiency, increase engine life, and stop sludge from developing. They not only have protective qualities, but they have cleansing ones as well.

4. Gear Lubricants

There are a plethora of machines in industrial settings that consist of gears. Oftentimes, these gears move around at high speeds and under conditions that can be very damaging. Fortunately, gear lubricants can ward off surface distress.

5. Chain and Cable Lubricants

Chains and cables are frequently subjected to intensely hot and extremely low temperatures. Lubricants designed for chains and cables can prevent temperature damage. They can also slow down deterioration.

6. Greases

Greases can shield industrial equipment from rust. They are much thicker than many other kinds of lubricants, so they remain effective under high temperatures and levels of pressure. Many individuals also employ them as sealants.

Lubricants can make industrial machinery perform better and last longer. It is crucial that those who work in manufacturing invest in high-grade oils and greases.

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