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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Refrigerator

Adam December 13, 2019 0
5 Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Refrigerator

Operating a business
that uses commercial refrigeration relies on those appliances to keep their
business running smoothly. A failed unit can cost a loss in production time and
result in spoiled resources. Use these tips to regularly maintain the units and
help prevent downtime.

Check Gaskets

The refrigeration units have a variety of gaskets essential to proper functioning. The door gaskets wear out over time allowing air to enter and leave the unit even when the door is shut. Commercial refrigeration Minneapolis MN gaskets can wear out because of dirt and grease around them. Regular cleaning can extend their life and allow the doors to properly seal in the cold.

Regular Cleaning

Beyond cleaning the
gaskets regularly, you also need to clean the rest of the unit both inside and
outside. Clean tubes and drain pans can experience buildup over time. A clogged
tube can cause leaks by overflowing into the defrost system then onto the
floor. All that grime can fill the area with pungent odors if not cleaned.
Clean the condenser coil once a quarter to maintain the temperature. Regularly
cleaning the entire unit
 keeps smells away and the unit properly

Evaporator Coil

Keeping the unit cool
by sucking away warm air is the purpose of the evaporator coil. Maintaining the
temperature is essential to keeping food and items cold. Avoid storing too many
hot items at once in the unit. Keep the coil clear of items to allow the air to

Keep Dry

Weekly check for
moisture buildups including any spills left behind. The added moisture can
cause the unit to freeze up. Spills around the unit can cause people to slip
and fall. A clean, dry unit works better and lasts longer.

Scheduled Maintenance

Be sure to put your
maintenance on a schedule. This ensures that the various pieces are maintained
regularly rather than waiting until something goes wrong. A little maintenance can
help extend the life of the units and prevent losses.

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