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A Checklist to Use When Shopping for New Windows

Adam October 16, 2015 0
A Checklist to Use When Shopping for New Windows

One of the most important improvements that you can make to your home is the replacement windows that you buy. If you have a home with old windows installed, you might experience higher energy bills than necessary. Replacement windows should be high-performance models that are certified and tested to meet industry standards. Use the checklist below to get performance-rated windows that save you money and add more security to your home.

  1. The first item on your checklist when you are shopping for replacement UPVC windows should be the performance results. See if there is an energy-efficient label on the glazing unit. Check the amount of air leakage (recommended A3) the unit allows and also what the level of water penetration is (recommended B3). See what the level for wind load is (recommended C3) and what the condensation resistance level is. Finally, look for the certified rating for overall performance of the window.
  2. Next, you should review the energy performance of the double glazed windows that interest you as replacements for your old windows. What is the energy rating of the window? Windows are rated from A+ (the most efficient) to G. The minimum requirement to comply with building regulations for windows is a rating of C.
  3. The next point on your checklist should be checking out the resistance of the window to any wear or tear. Is the window made from materials that are maintenance free? Does the window have well-sealed joints and is it easy to operate? Are the mechanisms well-balanced and made from durable and strong materials?
  4. Your replacement windows should be attractive as well as functional. Will the windows that you select match the exterior of your home and complement its overall design? Will they add kerb appeal to your home in case you want to sell it in the near future?
  5. The price that you pay for your replacement windows should be within your budget and still provide you with the benefits that add both safety and efficiency to your home. It’s important to get three quotes from different suppliers for the windows along with their installation. Make sure to use an experienced installer who knows what they are doing and how to install your windows without any problems or delays.
  6. Finally, you should take a look at the warranty that comes with your windows. Look for a 90 day warranty on the installation, five years on the glazing units, and a minimum of one year on the windows.

Using a checklist will help keep you within your budget and help you to find the exact windows you need to make your home safe, secure, and attractive for years to come.

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