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Recycling Solar Panels for a Truly Green System

Adam October 3, 2015 0
Recycling Solar Panels for a Truly Green System

Solar power provides a solution to a greener energy, but what happens once the solar panels reach their lifetime? Will they add up to the tons of rubbish in the landfill? The answer is an effective recycling system to ensure that the technology would be truly green. Generation of solar power is expected to grow higher in the next years. In Australia alone, installed solar power on homes almost doubled in number compared to 2014. Through innovative technologies, it is very possible to recycle a major percentage of a solar panel. For solar to be truly green, the use of toxic materials should be reduced or totally eliminated and manufacturers should be responsible for the long-term impacts of their products.

Recycling Efforts

  • PV Cycle. PV Cycle is the Photovoltaic recycling initiative that has won the approval of the Environment Agency to operate a compliance scheme from producers. The Brussels-based organization opened an office in UK to design solutions to be complied upon by PV retailers, distributors and wholesalers.
  • Efforts by PV Companies.There are recycling efforts made by companies. For instance, First Solar developed a method for recycling modules. Though this is a US based company, their process is replicated in Germany. SolarWorld, on the other hand, piloted a scheme in recycling PV where silicon and silicon wafer are recovered. In Europe, Chevotogne worked with PV Cycle to dismantle used solar panels.

Ways to Recycle Solar Panel Components

  • Panels are made of 90% glass, which can be repurposed in various ways to make tiles or countertop, or even a new solar module.
  • The frames can be turned into raw materials for new frames, or can be repurposed to make sinks or furniture.
  • The silicon can be reclaimed into cell production and make new solar cells or solar modules.

Without a doubt, solar power offers a renewable source of energy that lets users reduce their electricity bills and their carbon footprint. Consider installing one for your home and find out if it suits you. Compare solar Australia quotes to find the best deal. If end-of-life panels end up to waste, it is a paradox with its aim to help us save the environment. Thanks to the efforts made by organizations to prevent this irony from happening. Solar power still contributes a lot to meet the demand for energy of households. Fortunately, you can learn more information about it with the help of the Internet, in case you don’t have it yet, and that includes checking out solar buying tips.

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