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Routine Maintenance To Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Adam May 21, 2020 0
Routine Maintenance To Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Buying a car can be a major investment, even if you’re shopping the used car market. Once you’ve put that much money into something, it’s important to take good care of your investment. Here are some tips for everyday care your car needs.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your car isn’t just about making it look good. Washing the exterior removes road debris, salt, and other materials that can damage your paint’s finish. While you’re washing your car, it’s also a good time to inspect for any exterior damage. Small dents in the sheet metal Conway AR of your bumper or hood, for example, can often be smoothed out.  Cleaning your car’s interior will help protect the seat and carpet surfaces from excessive wear and keep your car smelling fresh. Of course, cleaning the windows is a good practice when you stop for gas. This improves visibility for safe driving.

Monitor Fluids

You might know that your car needs regular oil changes, but there are other important fluids to keep an eye on as well. When you change your oil, be sure to check levels of engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other fluids that keep your car running well. Between oil changes, periodically check your oil level and be sure it looks clear. You’ll also want to top off your windshield washer fluid frequently so that you’re not caught off guard with reduced visibility.

Check Your Tires

Maintaining the proper tire pressure is important for extending your tires’ life and improving fuel efficiency. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your car so that you can test your tires occasionally. Add air as needed to keep the tire pressure that is specified for your car. You can also purchase a small tool that will help you measure the tread that is left on your tires. Rotating your tires with every other oil change will help your tires wear evenly and last longer. Keeping up with routine maintenance on your car will make it last longer for you and will improve its performance while you’re driving.

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