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Three Ways to Upgrade Your Yard

Adam April 15, 2020 0
Three Ways to Upgrade Your Yard

Plenty of people mow their lawns and not much else. If you’re lucky, they might pop in a few trees or a flower bed. If you’re interested in breaking up your yard doldrums, here are a few ways you can elevate your landscaping and make your yard stand out from the crowd.


Design is all about drawing the eye, creating focal points and highlight features. You don’t want to overcrowd your yard with plants and busy design features, but you also don’t want to leave a completely dead space, vacant of any focal points. In a pinch, landscape lighting Orlando or your area can be a great way to create focal points and elevate your design.


Functionality is another hallmark of great design. Yards are not purely aesthetic, they are also functional spaces, like every other part of your house. Incorporate activities into your outdoor spaces: eating, cooking, swimming and games are all things you can do outdoors. Building activity into your yard design goes a long way towards making those spaces more appealing as well as more functional. Functional, well-designed outdoor spaces can add a lot of future value to your home as well as contributing to your current enjoyment.


Another way to elevate your design is to literally elevate. Even in the smallest of spaces, terracing and retaining walls are a time-honored part of landscape design and a perpetually appealing trend in landscaping. Building levels into your yard creates a stunning visual effect but it’s also very practical. If you’re a gardener, terracing makes your garden easier to plant, and even if you aren’t much of a gardener, putting levels into your yard can help control erosion and make other maintenance tasks easier.

Making your yard into an oasis isn’t just about adding value to your home or making your neighbors jealous. It’s about creating a space that you and your family love.

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