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Tips for Keeping Employees Safe at Work

Adam July 13, 2019 0
Tips for Keeping Employees Safe at Work

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to the client and the employee. Part of that responsibility lies in providing a safe work environment. This could include checking building equipment as well as discussing safety procedures.. You cannot prevent everything; however, you can take steps to help protect people. 

Have Inspections

By law, the building should have built-in safety features such as sprinklers and backflow devices. Just because they are there, however, does not mean they are always functional. Sitting dormant for years, pipes can rust, leak or simply break. It’s best to check them regularly to ensure they work properly. Hire companies to come in and run inspections. During this time, you can catch any issues. For example, if a fire occurs, it’s best to rely on sprinklers to keep flames from spreading quickly. If part of the system is out of order, you might experience additional damage or even loss of life. Should part of the system not working during testing, you can call professionals for fire sprinkler repair california. This extra effort could help in the long run. 

Share Information

During an emergency, employees do not have time to pull up an email with evacuation instructions, nor do they want to explore the area for a fire extinguisher. It’s important to have a meeting at least once a year so that people know how to act and where to locate potentially life-saving equipment. If possible, consider adding something new each year. At one gathering you might offer CPR training. The next you might cover additional health topics such as heart disease prevention.

Run Drills

Schools (by law) run drills each month so that kids know what to do in various situations. While that may seem excessive, it is a step in protecting them. Adults may not need as many practices, but it cannot hurt to run through the evacuation routes. It is simply prioritizing life. 

If something happens, rest assured knowing that you tried your best to aid others. Review plans and have annual inspections. Put people first.

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