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Top Reasons You Should Go Cordless Electric for Your Vacuum

Adam February 3, 2019 0
Top Reasons You Should Go Cordless Electric for Your Vacuum

In recent years, cordless vacuum cleaners have changed how people view hoovering their homes.

These new cordless vacuum cleaners have taken a large bite out of the market space which was previously dominated by the traditional cylinder vacuums.

Understandably, some people are still on the fence when it comes to transitioning into cordless vacuum cleaners.

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be ready to purchase the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. Here are the top 5 reasons you should go cordless electric for your vacuum.

Why buy a cordless vacuum cleaner?

In many ways, cordless vacuum cleaners are better than
corded vacuums.  However, just like their corded counterparts, cordless vacuum cleaners have several advantages and disadvantages.

Each of the pros must be weighed carefully against the cons before making a purchase.  Check out these advantages of using a cordless vacuum cleaner:

Unrestricted by cord length

One of the major downsides to using a corded vacuum cleaner is that the user is restricted by the cord length of the vacuum cleaner. However, when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, the user can move
about freely as they clean their home since they are not limited by the cord length or proximity to a plug-socket.

They do not need to worry about the position of their plug sockets or their proximity to the carpet. Also, with cordless vacuum cleaners, the user can easily carry them to the space that needs cleaning as these vacuum cleaners also tend to be very light.

Small and easy to store

Another major advantage of using cordless vacuum cleaners is that they are both small and easy to store. Most of these cordless vacuum cleaners come with wall mounts which makes storing them much easier. Wall mounts allow the user to hang their vacuum in cupboards or under stairs.

This greatly decreases the amount of space that is needed to store them. Moreover, the fact that these vacuums can easily be stored in areas of convenience make them perfect for cleaning up any emergency
spills. The user can easily just grab and go.

Lighter and easier to handle

On average, cordless vacuum cleaners are much lighter than corded vacuums. Most cordless vacuum cleaners weigh around 3kg while the standard corded vacuum cleaner weighs approximately 7kg.

The lightness of cordless vacuums makes them easier to handle when cleaning. The user can easily carry the cordless vacuum in one hand
as they clean the house.

In fact, a few brands of cordless vacuums are designed
as handheld cleaning machines. They can easily be used to clean couches, curtains, stairs or even car seats.

Cordless vacuum cleaners can comfortably be used by the elderly or even children as they are very light easy to handle too.

Trying to get your children to use the vacuum is a totally different proposition, however!

Perfect for jobs in squeezed spaces

The best thing about cordless vacuum cleaners is that they can be used comfortably to clean tight spaces. The user no longer has to fret about cleaning small surfaces such as stairs, curtains or places out of their reach.

Due to their small size, cordless vacuums can easily be used to clean awkward spaces without breaking a sweat. They are also perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as under beds or on top of shelves.

Likewise, most cordless vacuum cleaners come with accessories which make cleaning these small spaces much easier. These accessories can be easily attached to the vacuum to enhance its efficiency when cleaning up small, inaccessible areas.

Flexibility in use

Cordless vacuum cleaners are very flexible when it comes to their range of cleaning surfaces they can be used on.  Cordless vacuums or handheld vacuums can be used to vacuum car seats, curtains, carpets, sofas and many other surfaces around the house without having to twist into awkward positions.

Although most cordless vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning floors, many brands have accessories for smaller cleaning tasks.  These accessories go a long way in boosting the efficiency of these machines.

On the other hand, cordless vacuum cleaners come with a set of disadvantages. Some of the common cons of using cordless vacuum cleaners are:

Limited battery life

Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on their batteries (most recently lithium-ion) in order to function. Therefore, cordless vacuum cleaners operate on a timer which is dictated by the vacuum’s battery life.

On average, cordless vacuum cleaners tend to have a run time of between 15-40 minutes. This is perfect for users who do not clean
often or have small spaces to clean. However, this becomes a problem for people with large rooms or thick
carpets to vacuum.

Also, some of these cordless vacuums come with interchangeable batteries which may last for 60 minutes. However, these interchangeable batteries cost extra to purchase.

Smaller dust capacity

The dust capacity for cordless vacuums is much smaller than for corded vacuums. On average, cordless vacuum cleaners have a dust capacity of 0.6 liters as compared to their corded counterparts which measures roughly 1-2 litres.

This means that as the user cleans, they will need to regularly empty the vacuum cleaner and clean its filters. This may end up being time consuming for the user.

Failure to empty the vacuum or clean its filters may lead to the vacuum getting clogged up and less effective. This may not be ideal for users who suffer from dust allergies.

Needs regular maintenance

Cordless vacuum cleaners need regular maintenance in order to remain efficient and reliable. The user will need to constantly empty the dust pockets and clean out the vacuum filters which may get clogged up through constant use.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it- five reasons you should go cordless electric for your vacuum cleaner.

There are plenty of cordless vacuum reviews around online which are definitely worth taking a look at. Make sure to compare multiple machines before you make a choice and ensure they are suitable for the task that you need them for.

If you have a thick, shaggy carpet, you will need to pick out a brand of cordless vacuum cleaner which can effectively suck up the dust and leave your carpet fresh and clean. Preferably a more powerful machine.

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