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When Is the Best Time to Replace Wooden Shingles

Adam November 7, 2018 0
When Is the Best Time to Replace Wooden Shingles

According to roofing experts, the approved best time to replace wooden shingles would be in the fall season because it’s neither too hot nor too cold to inspect the roof and repair and replace any defects. Compared to winter and summer seasons, fall is a cool season where it’s easier for roofing experts to initiate a roof inspection by calculating the area covered by the replacement. They don’t have the difficulty of clearing snow, dirt and other particles stuck on your roof because in fall, it is less slippery and safe to operate installation equipment and conduct maintenance methods on your roof.

The Significance of Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles are abundant roofing materials that are widely used in homes and historic buildings because they are lightweight and easy to install. Wooden shingles typically last around 15 to 60 years and they naturally preserve the beauty of a classic type of home in the U.S.

Wooden shingles usually add more detail to the roof and different styles of installing it make it stand out more to potential home seekers thus, raising property value. Wood is a light material, but it last for years when proper care and regular maintenance is performed.

How The Roofing Experts Do It

Unlike do-it-yourself roof replacement, roofing experts know the quality and durability of your roof. They also have the advanced equipment and track record of experience to perform the job on the spot. Wooden shingle replacement takes two persons or more to get the job done faster. Wooden shingles also require the proper cleaning tools so as not to wear out the material and to preserve the beauty of your roof. Roofing experts can give you advise as to how you can clean your roof regularly.

Cost of Roof Replacement

It may cost you more to replace wooden shingles than it is if you do it yourself, but you can be assured of the quality of service and have the right knowledge when it comes to caring for your roof. Roofing experts usually charge per square feet of the roof on wood shingle siding and installation. Installation cost is around $210.00 to $320.00 while shingle wood siding is around $8.45 per square foot. Before you pay for the actual costs, they usually do a free estimate to determine what areas of your roof need repair and maintenance, so you can get to budget for these beforehand.

Fall is also a busy season for roofing experts because wooden shingles replacement requests are lined up, so make sure to schedule an appointment by early spring so you can make the most out of your time.

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