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Tips For Buying the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Adam June 1, 2021 0
Tips For Buying the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have multiple purposes. You don’t need them to store kitchen items, but they still give your kitchen an appealing look everyone would want. This means that installing white RTA cabinets can be a significant investment depending on the type of cabinet you want. High-quality kitchens RTA shaker cabinets need to be user-friendly and offer the storage of your kitchen items for at least 20 to 30 years. 

However, many people have reported having issues with their kitchen cabinets as soon as they install them. Such issues include dents and scratches, crooked doors, and fading of the decorations on the cabinet’s drawers. The problems arise simply due to low-quality cabinet equipment and installation. Therefore, to pick the best kitchen cabinet that suits your needs, consider the following tips. 


Before selecting a cabinet, ask yourself how long you intend to stay at home. If you are to stay there for a short time, you go for a basic cabinet style. But, if it’s your permanent home, then you might need to have your dream kitchen well prepared. Look for top-quality construction for cabinets using solid frames, closed backs, reinforced corners, doors, and drawer fronts. Since the drawers and doors will be opened and closed more often, they should operate quietly and smoothly. Also, the finish on the wood used to make the cabinet needs to be smooth. 

Measure your space

It is important to install the cabinets properly. This calls for an expert to check your space, measure the area to install the cabinet, and determine the best way to install it. You might choose a cabinet only to be disappointed that your space is quite small. Now, with the preliminary measurements, you can provide the cabinet’s dealer with the right information about the exact cabinet you want to purchase. Hence, giving you a chance to get precisely what you dreamt of having. 


You might not know this, but cabinets account for 40-50% are the total cost of your kitchen construction and remodeling projects. So, as you set a budget for other activities, you need to be careful with the amount you might need to set for the cabinet installation work. It is one of the things many people overlook, but it’s equally important as other activities. For that reason, check with a local professional cabinet installer, get a rough estimate of everything needed, that is, the cabinet’s price, installation cost, and price of additional accessories. Such info will help determine how to set your budget. 

Decorating style

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and eye-appealing kitchen. By saying so, a cabinet is one of the components that gives such an appearance. You need to take your time searching for the best decorative styles for the kitchen cabinet. Look in stores and magazines. Find what looks nice to you. There are stock cabinets that come with a limited number of styles. But, semi-custom and custom cabinets have a variety of choices for you. Some are made from natural wood finishes with various colors and laminated finishes.

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