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Your Wooden Furniture’s Finish: How to Choose Wisely

Adam July 12, 2014 0
Your Wooden Furniture’s Finish: How to Choose Wisely

Wooden FurnitureChoosing wooden furniture is relatively easy, isn’t it? You just have to make sure that it is solidly constructed, it doesn’t wobble, squeak, or jostle easily, and, if you’re looking for wooden furniture with drawers, the drawers should fit the openings well. You also have to consider the furniture’s aesthetic and functional appeal, and make sure that it fits in well with your existing décor or theme.

But there’s more to choosing wooden furniture than meets the eye. Take the wooden furniture’s finish, for instance. While you may think it is easy to determine the furniture’s quality simply by looking at its finish, there’s more to it than surface appeal. If you don’t look at the finish closely, you might miss a few aspects that could result in a less-than-satisfactory purchase.

The furniture’s finish: what you should know
There are basically three steps to a good finish when it comes to wooden furniture: the sanding, the staining, and the actual finishing itself. All these steps must be followed properly so the furniture will be of the highest quality.

The first step in the process of finishing a piece of furniture is the sanding. Look for smoothness by running your hand over the piece’s surface. There should be no rough or uneven patches whatsoever. The proper sanding method is also important. An improper method of sanding is when sanding has been done across the wood’s grain, because this will result in scratches or dark lines that will mar the natural beauty of the wood. When the wood has not been sanded properly, the stain will also be uneven.

Staining is the next step in the process of finishing. Proper staining is also crucial because it will affect the wood’s beauty and aesthetic appeal, bringing out the natural character of the wood and enhancing its color. With expert staining, different types of wood can actually be made to look similar to one another. Look for staining which has been done evenly, with no dark marks or spots that are not part of the wood grain’s pattern itself. The ends and the sides of the piece of furniture should also be same color and tone as its broader surfaces.

There are different types of finishes for wooden furniture, ranging from matte to high gloss. But whatever type of finish you opt for, look for a finish that is smooth and free from bubbles, specks of dust or dirt, or uneven spots. The finish should be full of richness and depth, which is a sign that it has gone through several alternate coatings of finishing and sanding. Better quality pieces are also sanded underneath and at the back in order to decrease any chance of shrinking or swelling.

Regardless if you are looking for farm tables, office desks, or other types of wooden furniture, look for a smooth, even finish with no dark and unnatural markings, and a clear surface which enhances the wood grain. Watch out for edges which are splintered, as well as dents or scratches.

However, if you are looking for distressed or reclaimed furniture, it is sometimes typical for them to have dark patches or other signs of aging, which lends them even more character and a unique look. The farm table selection at is a good example of quality wooden pieces which have gone through expert hands.

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