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A Light on the Subject

Adam July 15, 2014 0
A Light on the Subject

London is the hub of the UK economy. It is not surprising therefore that the demand for housing is enormous and that is reflected both in the value of property and the monthly rental costs for those who either cannot or do not want to buy. There are huge variations within the city and its suburbs. Everyone would love to have a nice garden to enjoy but the reality is that many have to make do with flats, sometimes conversions where it is difficult to provide much natural light.

There is a solution and that is a Sky Tunnel which can compensate for lack of traditional windows. It is a matter of combining a sky light with a solar tube. The effect is to channel as much as 12 times the light that a 100 watt bulb provides in the room. Often hallways and bathrooms need that light, especially in flats such as are found in the cities of the UK. They are suitable for commercial properties as well; everywhere that more light is needed.

City Life
City life has its advantages of course and that is reflected in the number of people who are happy to live in a crowded environment. If you are one of those people who heads for the London Underground in the morning rush hour to head towards the city centre, you will want to make your home as pleasant as possible. You may live in Hounslow that has excellent links by tube to the centre. Parts of Hounslow such as Heston have both plentiful residential properties but also light industry. Those fortunate enough to live in such places and work close-by avoid all the problems of rush hours, morning and evening.

Property Prices
With the growth of property prices it is certainly a time when investing in improvements will pay dividends. If one of the problems you want to resolve is getting more light into your house or flat, look for a local company which can install a sky tunnel in Heston and explain your problem to them – they may well be able to throw some light on the subject! The installation of sky tunnels takes less than half a day and the change you will see is immediate and impressive.

Everyone aspires to move up the property ladder or to find more spacious accommodation if they are renting. If you want to be certain of getting a buyer for your property then doing work to make it stand out from others makes sense. If you are a landlord then the rent you can charge will depend upon the quality of what you are offering. Either way, it is important to make the accommodation as attractive as possible – and light tunnels are an innovative way to achieve that.

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