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Having a Garden Wedding

Adam June 15, 2019 0
Having a Garden Wedding

No two weddings are exactly the same, and venues range from a little white church to lodges and historical sites. If you prefer a more natural setting for the day of your wedding, why not get married in a garden?

Clean it Up

Whether it’s a community venue or a personal garden, be sure that all branches, weeds and brush are cleared out before the big day. It might be beneficial to hire a cleaning company Olney MD to help you get ready if it’s a big job.

Weather Watch

Consider where you live and what seasons are the best for hosting an outdoor event. Mother Nature can be a fickle lady, so have a backup plan in case it rains that day. Some ideas might be to have a party tent on standby or have umbrellas made as your wedding favors to your guests.

Arrange the Area

Big or small, you will need to create everything from a seating chart to an eating area to an aisle. Walk the venue at least a month beforehand and get a feel for its layout so that you know how to divide it up later. Don’t forget about spaces for the DJ and a dance floor too!

Watch Out for Party Crashers

No, not uninvited people who oversample the open bar. Pests like mosquitoes, bees and ants might show up if it’s a summer wedding, so be sure to have bug spray and citronella candles on the ready. Have covers or mosquito netting available to make sure that food is protected too; nobody wants bugs in their expertly-catered meal!

No matter how it turns out, your wedding will be beautiful because it’s a celebration of you and your partner. It’s important for any wedding to plan ahead and always expect the unexpected, especially if it’s outdoors.

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