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Pros and cons of gridded windows

Adam June 14, 2019 0
Pros and cons of gridded windows

You have probably seen windows that have some sort of grid pattern on them. Some of them are actually set between pieces of glass, while some are custom window grilles that can be added to the interior surface of the window. Here are some pros and cons of these grid patterns.


Gridded windows definitely give your house a certain look that is pleasing to the eye. They especially compliment older houses. There are many different styles of window grille. It is important to consider which type of house you have when selecting the pattern that works best. For example, colonial style homes benefit from a typical grid pattern, while prairie style homes look great with a grid pattern that just goes along the edges of the window.


Although these window grilles can be aesthetically pleasing from the outside of your house, they may not have the same effect from the inside. Imagine you live right next to the beach. You hear the soothing sounds of the ocean as you wake up in the morning. As you go to look at the beautiful scenery through your window, your view is obstructed by a grid pattern. When it comes to windows with access to beautiful views, it may be better to skip the grille.


The type of window grille that is added to the interior surface of the window can make cleaning much more difficult. Instead of having easy access to all of the glass, you will now have to work around the pattern on your window. Trying to work around these designs on the glass can be quite irritating.

Though there are some negative aspects of the grid patterned windows, it is important to consider what the house would look like with and without them. Some houses benefit from this extra touch on the windows to complete their look.

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