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Keep Your Dog From Destroying Your Garden With Positive Reinforcement

Adam August 13, 2019 0
Keep Your Dog From Destroying Your Garden With Positive Reinforcement

Maintaining a garden is wonderful hobby. However, your furry friend can sometimes be an obstacle to the health of your plants. Using positive reinforcement techniques is one of the best ways to train dogs and puppies. Using a variety of treats, like those found in dog gift baskets, can make training a breeze, too. Here are three ways to improve the way you train your dog to be mindful of your garden.

Practice in the Garden

If you want your dog to behave better in the garden, it’s best that you practice training in the garden. This way, you can teach your dog the proper ways to act in the garden — like not digging up flowerbeds. It’s best to do this training when no one else is around and when it is quiet. This will make it much less likely that your dog will get distracted.

Use a Variety of Treats

It’s best to provide a variety of treats to keep your dog interested in training. The better the trick or habit being learned is, the better the treat you should give your dog. For example, if your dog relaxes and sits in the shade, give it some kibble. If your dog chases pests out of the garden, give them a meatier treat, like those found in dog gift baskets.

Give Treats Right Away

Dogs’ memories aren’t always the best. Because of this, it’s wise to give your dog a treat right after it does the desired act. If a treat it given too late, then your dog might not know why it is getting the treat. If you give the treat right away, then your dog can associate good actions with tasty treats.

The next time you want to teach your dog some tricks and habits for the garden, try your hand at using positive reinforcement techniques and treats. Soon, you’ll have a properly behaved pup and healthy plants, too.

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