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People to Have on Call if You’re a Homeowner

Adam August 14, 2019 0
People to Have on Call if You’re a Homeowner

So you’re buying a house in a new area. Before you unpack the boxes, you might want to look up a few names, and not just names of friends and neighbors. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of doing due diligence when hiring a contractor. In a town you’re familiar with, you could always call a friend or a neighbor you know well to get advice or a recommendation, but if you’re new to the area you might not have that option. Talk to the neighbors, or if you’re buying from someone instead of building new, ask the previous owner if they can recommend a few names to you. 


When something goes wrong with your electricity, there’s no time to waste. For that matter you might not even have access to the internet, dependent on how bad the situation is. It pays to have the number of a reliable electrician already in your phone or stuck to your fridge. You never know when you might need one. 

Pest Control

Similarly, if you’re panicked because your house is crawling with pests, you don’t want to be stuck floundering, looking for the right name. It’s always a good idea to have a name for quality pest control Cape Coral FL or your area nailed down. Pests especially can make you feel frantic, and it’s reassuring to have a number on file for emergencies. 


Obvious as it might seem, it’s worth highlighting the need to have the name of a good plumber close to hand. Like electricity, you never know when something’s going to go wrong, and with plumbing especially there’s danger of things going not just wrong but catastrophically wrong. An overflowing sink can turn from a plumbing emergency to spiraling repair costs very quickly. It pays to be prepared for emergencies.

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