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How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your PVC Windows

Adam July 20, 2014 0
How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your PVC Windows

PVC windows are becoming more popular nowadays, not only because they are built to last (often with a lifespan of more than twenty years), but they are undoubtedly tougher and sturdier than wood or aluminium frames. But one other reason why PVC windows are the windows of choice of the modern consumer is the fact that they are quite easy to maintain, especially when compared with the above-mentioned wood and aluminium. They do not rot, warp, or flake, and do not require extensive maintenance or any re-painting or other treatments. Cleaning and maintaining PVC windows is a breeze, as you’ll soon find out.

Regular cleaning and inspection of the window frame and other areas
Just like any other functional element in your home, your PVC windows simply need to be regularly cleaned and inspected for any damages. Cleaning can easily be done: just make sure that all the exposed areas of the closed window are washed once every six months, both in your home or building’s interior and exterior. Simply wash the windows with a soap and water mixture along with a clean piece of cloth. Stay away from rough and abrasive scouring pads and cleaning solutions which are ammonia-based. Before you clean your windows, make sure you remove any jewellery such as watches and rings, so you do not damage the window frames or glass.

After the closed window is cleaned and wiped thoroughly with a dry cloth, open the window and wipe the exposed area to remove any oil, dust, or dirt. For areas which are hard to reach, you can make use of a soft brush or a small vacuum cleaner.

If your uPVC windows are equipped with drainage holes, they should also be cleaned and drained of excess moisture by opening the window in the daytime so you can avoid any problems with condensation.

Cleaning and maintaining the window’s seals and gaskets
The window’s seals and gaskets should be cleaned regularly as well. For this, avoid any abrasive cleaning liquids and use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner instead. After these have been cleaned, make an inspection of the seals to make sure that they are fitted well around the window’s frame. If the gaskets need to be replaced, this is easy if you have the type of gasket which can be fitted in without having to disassemble the whole window. But if you need to repair or replace the seals or complicated gaskets, these are better done by a professional.

Maintaining the window’s metal elements
If your windows have any moving parts, especially metal elements such as locking points and hinges, you should make sure to lubricate them at least once every two months. Simply apply some lubricant (such as petroleum jelly or WD-40) to the metal joints and parts, and they will be adequately protected from any buildup of rust and will not make any squeaky noise. Don’t apply too much lubricant that it flows into the window’s frame – a small amount will do. You should also check the window’s screws whenever you clean the windows. Any minor scratches on the frame can easily be fixed with repair kits which you can purchase from hardware stores and home centres.

As any window manufacturer like Sierra Windows will tell you, your uPVC windows are built to last for a long time – but with the proper care and maintenance, they are guaranteed to function properly, look good, and serve their purpose well for an even longer time.

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