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Include Your Roof in This Year’s Spring Cleaning Activities

Adam May 12, 2019 0
Include Your Roof in This Year’s Spring Cleaning Activities

Getting ready for the outdoor season usually involves weeding gardens, cleaning outdoor furniture and making sure your AC unit is ready for the summer heat. You should also be concerned about how your roof handled the colder weather, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Roofing contractors St Charles County MO can help by giving you a quick inspection and a plan for any necessary repairs. Here are some reasons to have your roof inspected after winter.

Snow and Ice Can Cause Problems

Over the winter, snow and ice build up on your roof. Depending on the temperature, there can be one or more rotations of snow melting then freezing into ice and melting again. This process can slowly eat away at your roof. An inspection after winter can catch some of the common damages caused by ice and snow.

Proper Insulation Is Important

According to, where you live is an important factor in the insulation you need. The right insulation can reduce your energy costs, but bad weather can damage insulation and reduce its effectiveness. Roofing contractors St Charles County MO can inspect your roof and the insulation to make sure you won’t spend too much cooling your home once summer arrives.

Your Property Value

Even if you do not plan on selling your home this year, you should always be aware of how certain repairs affect your home’s value. A roof in disrepair not only increases the possibility of damage down the road, but it can also negatively impact the look and value of your home. A post-winter inspection is a good way to prevent such losses.

Protect your home and its value by scheduling an inspection of your roof after winter. The cold weather can negatively impact your roof’s structural integrity and insulation. Roofing contractors St Charles County MO can check your roof and help protect it and your home.

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