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Why We Recommend Artificial Grass from Purchase Green

Adam May 13, 2019 0
Why We Recommend Artificial Grass from Purchase Green

As an avid gardener and someone with a green thumb, you know better than anyone else just how much time is invested into keeping your outdoors looking healthy and pristine. It could be hours a week, if not hours a day depending on the size of your property and just how much lawn space you have.

So, what happens when you have invested time, resources, and money into getting your grass healthy, green, and thick and it just isn’t looking lush and green the way you want? Does that mean you have to accept your grasses fate? The short answer is no, there is absolutely no reason to settle for sub-par looking grass as there is a low-maintenance solution to your problem. Buying artificial grass from Purchase Green could be exactly what you need to give your front yard or back yard the facelift it needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Looks
Incredibly Realistic

When you think of artificial grass, it’s quite common to think about those that look like cheap plastic, where there is no fullness or anything realistic about them. Today’s artificial grasses, especially those from Purchase Green are completely different. They feature individual “blades” of grass with varying colors from root to tip to mimic the real thing. The end result looks like real grass, and even moves in a natural way.

Video: Learn about Artificial Grass

Purchase Green Artificial Grass shares in-depth information on artificial grass in the video below.

Purchase Green has a number of different types available in different lengths and shades of green. The density or thickness also changes depending on your needs. Take for example their “Spring Fescue Pet Pro” line, which features some amazing cutting-edge technology. It allows for surface drainage and its durable high quality materials will ensure your grass will take minimal least damaged over time – meaning it will hold up against pets and foot traffic for years to come along with proper maintenance.

Save Money and Time with Purchase
Green Artificial Grass

Another thing to consider when looking into artificial grass is just how much time and money it can free up for you. Cutting and trimming the grass on a weekly basis is time-consuming to say the least. Often homeowners are stuck getting it done on their weekend, which could be spent doing much more enjoyable things. So, imagine getting back your weekends all spring, summer, and fall.

Then there is the money aspect. Caring for a lawn means seeding it, fertilizing it, dealing with insects (pest control products and services), and of course watering it a few times a week. All of this adds up pretty fast, costing you hundreds if not more per season.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass is

Then there is the fact that you don’t have to replace your entire lawn if you don’t want to. Maybe there are just certain areas that are stubborn when it comes to growing. They can be hard to water due to their location and configuration, don’t get a lot of sun, or have heavy foot traffic that is always trampling the grass down. Artificial grass can address each of these problems.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Provides
a Lovely and Lush Looking Lawn

Regardless of whether you choose to outfit your entire outdoor space in artificial grass, or just certain sections, you’re sure to have fabulous and lush looking results using artificial grass from Purchase Green.

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