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Keep Your Business Property Looking its Best

Adam June 7, 2019 0
Keep Your Business Property Looking its Best

When you run a commercial interest, there are many things to consider such as engaging new clients or customers, increasing sales, and keeping personnel busy and content. Contributing to the image you present publicly, is the appearance of the property itself.

Exterior Surfaces

Maintain a fresh coat of paint and avoid allowing it to flake, chip or fade. A grubby exterior may give the impression that the business isn’t that important. Repair of replace dented or missing siding, and keep the eaves and rain gutters in good condition.

Parking Lot and Walkways

A pressure wash may also do a good job of refreshing a brick exterior. There is nothing like a good pressure wash to clean the sidewalks and parking areas, removing dust and restoring color. As far as a street sweeper Washington the best and they can do a good job of clearing the lot of rubble and debris.

Glass Windows and Glossy Surfaces

Clean all glass and glossy surfaces until they sparkle. Newspaper and a good vinegar cleaner will help prevent any streaks and smears. Vacuum or sweep all window sills and any awnings as well. Pay attention to glass doors as well, cleaning off any fingerprints on the framework.

Signage and Markings

Make sure that any signs are in good shape. Ensure that the information is updated. Replace or repaint any that are rusted or broken. If you have lighted signs, be sure that the bulbs are lit and working properly.

The Grounds

Bump up your curb appeal. If there is a lawn, spray for weeds and make sure it is cut and trimmed regularly. Keep any plantings watered and fed well and remove any wilted or dead leaves. Plant a variety of colorful plants or flowers in pots near the doorway to brighten and add character to the entrance.

Keeping your commercial property attractive and in good order are not without some effort, but hopefully the payoff will be worth it. Whether you do it yourself or hire it out, a crisp and clean appearance can be a big asset to your business.

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