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Chain Link Fences: Affordable and Secure

Adam May 22, 2019 0
Chain Link Fences: Affordable and Secure

Fencing your yard to keep in or out unwanted things can be expensive. However, many families, pet owners and businesses understand the increased security of having a fence. You can secure your home, business and possessions with a chain link fence. The fencing is an affordable option for many.


chain link fence Kissimmee FL uses a variety of parts to create the fence. The fabric or chains attach to a tension bar on the sides. Poles hold the fence upright by securing into the ground. The tension bars attach to the poles with brace bands. A top rail runs along the top between the poles or through a loop cap for longer runs. Caps sit neatly on top of the poles to prevent debris and water entering the poles. Add gates to allow for easier access to inside the fenced area.


The mesh or wire of the chain link is called the fabric. Spirals are woven together to create the signature diamond pattern. The standard 2” pattern uses a #9 gauge wire. However, the gauge of the wire can range from 6 to 11-1/2 depending on the diameter needed. Temporary fencing uses higher gauged wire, while common applications usually use 6 or 9.


While pool fences need a slightly smaller hole gap, chain link works well around pools. Keep your pets corralled in certain areas or keep kids out of the pool, hot tub or garden area. High-security applications typically use twisted or barbed ends for better security. Most other applications use a rounded end or knuckle.


The footings or poles should be securely in the ground a minimum of four feet. Concreting them in isn’t a necessity at that depth. Pneumatic post drivers are commonly used to achieve stability and depth.

Consider using a chain link fence when replacing or adding a fence to your property. Outfit it for pool use, higher security or standard use. Depending on your needs, you can find a chain link fabric to meet your security needs.

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