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Make a Roof Inspection Part of Your Spring Routine

Adam May 14, 2019 0
Make a Roof Inspection Part of Your Spring Routine

An annual roof inspection should be part of your regular spring clean-up and maintenance routine. Winter storms can deposit debris on your roof and winds can loosen shingles, so it is a good idea to give your roof a check-up. If you see problems such as loose or missing shingles, cracked or buckled flashing or moss growing on your roof, contact a local company for repairs. 

Ground Inspection

You can see most problems from the ground with no need to get on a ladder. Look over your roof as a whole. Are there any dips in it? Are the lines straight? If not, this could be a sign of structural problems and you will need to call roofers edgewater fl to check out the situation. A few missing or curled shingles could be a simple repair, but if water has penetrated the roof, the underlayment should be inspected, and this is a job for professionals.

A Closer Look

Flashing around chimneys or in valleys is there to keep water from getting into your house. Wind and heat can cause the metal to come loose from the roof and caulking can deteriorate over time. If you notice any of these things around the base of your chimney or in other places on your roof, call a roofing contractor to fix it. It is a specialized job that a homeowner should not undertake.

Something’s Growing

Discolored shingles are nothing to worry about, but if patches of moss are growing on your roof, that could be an indication that water has infiltrated and caused a wet spot. This will compromise the integrity of your roof and should be addressed by professional roofers. Shingles will need to be removed and parts of the underlying wood replaced.

Inspect your roof for damage every spring to make sure your family is safe and snug in your home. If you find problems, call a reputable local roofing company for an estimate.

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